Surreal and imaginative Adventure puzzler, Figment: Journey Into the Mind is now available for iOS

By , on November 28, 2019
Last modified 4 years, 4 months ago

Figment: Journey Into the Mind is a new release from Bedtime Digital Games, an indie studio with a passion for high concepts and the surreal. Figment stays true to form, being inspired and designed around the concept of the human psyche.

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 Set in a human mind that's been experiencing a serene sense of calm, you're placed in the role of Dusty - the mind's paladin of courage. Sadly, whilst the mind's enjoying its peaceful state, Dusty finds himself of little use, and longing for adventure. It doesn't take long for his wish to come true as for seemingly no reason, the mind is being troubled by terrifying thoughts, and summoning nightmarish creatures as a result.

You'll need to guide Dusty on a journey to defeat its monsters and conquer its fears. You'll do this not only by battling and dodging enemies, but also by mastering a plethora of puzzles littered throughout the minds two distinctive worlds - which represent the left side of the brain (Freedom Isles) and the right side (Clockwork Town).

This is reflected in the style of the puzzles and approach required to solve them. Those encountered in the Freedom Isles will require you to find solutions by thinking outside the box. Meanwhile, the Clockwork Town has puzzles that are as mechanical as the name might implies, and will require an equally measured and logical approach to beat them.

A nice fact about Figment is that it previously came into being as a PC and console title. That means the game boasts some pretty nifty character moves and also features support for MFI, Xbox One and PS4 controllers on launch.

Figment: Journey Into the Mind is available now over on the App Store for $4.99, with the first two chapters available to try for free.