Hidden Survivor is a hide-and-seek PvP game with story-based survival elements

By , on February 5, 2020

Hidden Survivor is an interesting blend of survival gameplay and fast-paced hide-and-seek arena battles. It pulls from a number of genres and other games to create something quite unique, and it's available right now for Android and iOS.

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Your time will be split between the hide-and-seek matches and life back at the 'Sanctuary'. Here you'll work to keep your survivors healthy and happy, making sure they're well fed while gradually getting to know them better.
One of the ways you can keep them strong is by upgrading your facilities, like the living quarters, lounge, garden, and bath house. Requisite items can be gathered during the arena battles.

If a survivor's hunger, thirst, or spirit hits 0, they die. If all of your survivors kick the bucket, you'll begin again from day 1 without your materials and food. They'll instead be returned to you as reincarnation points. Thankfully, your premium items, survivors, and upgraded facilities will remain unchanged.

The three-minute hide-and-seek battles are fast and intense, requiring you to disguise yourself as objects in the environment to avoid the 'Seeker'. Seekers are players who consume a special potion that turns them back into human form for 30 seconds. When in this form, they'll be able to hunt their still-in-disguise rivals.

Your ultimate goal is to collect the most resources out of everyone in the match while avoiding death at all costs. As the round progresses, certain sections of the map will become inhospitable, causing those who linger damage over time.

If you're in the market for something genuinely different, you'll find Hidden Survivor available as a free-to-play title from Google Play and the App Store.