Battle monsters in JRPG Cryptract from Lionsfilm Limited

By , on February 9, 2020

Fans of Japanese roleplaying games on the hunt for a new title will find plenty to enjoy in Cryptract. This fantasy JRPG from Lionsfilm Limited serves up a mix of hero collecting, turn-based battles and detailed anime-style artwork. Since its release in 2015, the mobile version has been downloaded by millions in Japan, where it has a strong fanbase. So what’s it all about?

Cryptract is set in the land of Centrair, where the Guilsanian Empire reigns supreme. However, Mystical Beasts are posing a growing threat to the safety of the realm. Cue your party of heroes stepping in and saving the day. Throughout main quests and side quests, you’ll take on waves of monsters, encounter colourful characters and unlock new parts of the story. There’s also an online guild vs. guild mode for when you’re feeling competitive.

You gain new heroes through gacha-style summoning, and Cryptract has over 600 up for grabs. Each features a star rating, upgradable stats, attack skills as well an elemental class: either light, dark, wood, fire or water.

Your battle party consists of the top-tier heroes you’ve chosen from your collection. Combat is intuitive, turn-based and designed for the mobile; when it’s your go, simply select your attack, then your target, and tap to act.

Easy. Plus the optional auto-battle function makes farming for resources whilst you’re off doing other things a cinch.

Begin your quest — download Cryptract for free on iOS or Android.