Create, trade, and play with your perfect pets in the delightful Pixel Petz

By , on June 30, 2020
Last modified 3 years, 11 months ago

Pixel Petz is a charming and popular pet creation platform where you can design, trade, and spend time with your unique collection of pixel art pets. The creation tools on offer are surprisingly deep, allowing you to customise the size, colour, and pattern of every pet down to its individual pixels.

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Before you hop into the more advanced stuff, you should think carefully about the size and specific combination of parts that make up your pet. Once you've got the base design looking just right, you can then tweak every element of it until it really pops.

At the in-game marketplace, you can easily trade your designs or purchase any you like from other players. This keeps the game's community active and friendly, which factors into the popular pet beauty contests. If you'd rather hold onto your pets, you can instead send them on little jobs or play with them in fun mini-games.

Recently, the game received a major update that added the ability to design your very own pet parts. This greatly enhanced the overall creation experience, allowing you to perfect your designs and create pets that are truly unique.

If you're the creative type, fancy joining a safe community of friendly players, and like the sound of designing your very own collection of unique pixel art pets, you'll find Pixel Petz up for download now on Google Play and the App Store.