Test your endless running skills in Presidents Run, available now for iOS and Android

By , on October 19, 2020

President's Run is a light-hearted endless runner that sees players choosing their favourite political candidates, past and present, and seeing how many votes they can gather. It had a surge in popularity during the 2012 elections where the global leaderboards predicted the eventual winner in Obama.

This year then players will naturally be able to play as Joe Biden and Donald Trump but there are also other choices available too. It's not intended to be taken too seriously so players can also play as non-US political figures such as Vladimir Putin, Jacinda Ardern and Kim Jung Un.

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Beyond that, Zombie Washington and Frankenstein Lincoln are also potential candidates. The aim isn't to make any kind of political statement then or make fun of these candidates, simply an endless runner themed around a hot topic in the world at present.

Whoever you choose to play as the aim will remain the same, rack up lots of votes and travel as far as possible. These votes can then be exchanged for a variety of power-ups such as jet packs, enhanced shoes and other abilities that will help players achieve a higher score.

These scores are then added to a global count for each character, so players can always see who's winning this virtual presidential run. This can either be viewed in-game or over on Presidents Run's official website.

Presidents Run is available now for iOS and Android, where you can download it for free and support your favourite political personality.