Raziel: Dungeon Arena's first major update adds a fire-slinging elf and lets players hire a sidekick

By , on October 29, 2020

Indra's popular hack and slash title Raziel: Dungeon Arena has received its first major update since launching last month. This adds a host of new content to the action RPG that includes an exciting new character, a mercenary sidekick system and a hard mode for the starting chapters of the campaign.

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That new character is called Sarah “Pirrosa” Mander, an elven druid who is an invaluable but uneasy ally to the humans in the ongoing struggle against the undead invasion. You'll be able to unlock her by gathering Blazing Mysterious Shards and Almighty Shards.

Once unlocked, Mander compliments heavily melee-focused characters such as Bison and Rock very well thanks to her ranged skills. She has access to fire spells and also possesses the ability to shapeshift.

Indra has also added a plethora of content elsewhere in the game by adding new Tavern Challenges, Abis Demon Land floors and World Map Zones alongside a hard mode for Chapters 1-5 of the main story. Additionally, those in guilds will also find a new game mode to play, Guild Resource War. This will task you with challenge regions twice per day to earn ranking points.

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Finally, Raziel also offers a new mercenary sidekick system. This will allow players to recruit a companion and choose their weapons and armour before they join you in battle, allowing for a variety of tactics. They'll also have their own abilities to consider before selecting your companion.

Raziel: Dungeon Arena is available now for iOS and Android on their respective stores. It's free-to-play with in-app purchases.