Pumpkinbutt's Halloween Dream latest content drop introduces 40 new Christmassy stages

By , on December 23, 2020
Last modified 3 years, 7 months ago

Looking for something festive to play this holiday season? Skyflyer Studio may have you covered with their latest update to the popular Pumpkinbutt's Halloween Dream which sees the arrival of some Christmas-themed levels.

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There will be forty of them in total and this set of stages has been named the Christmas Caverns. As always, it'll see you having to jump and dodge your way through a series of hazards but this time around they're all Christmassy and will include the likes of snowballs, nutcrackers and candy canes.

It'll make for a nice aesthetic change of pace then but for those who are in search of a tougher challenge instead of celebrating the holiday season, Pumpkinbutt's Halloween Dream has you covered too.

The newly introduced Super Spire level is a giant tower filled with horrifying nightmares. It promises to be the toughest stage in the game yet with no successfully managing to beat it just yet.

For those unaware, Pumpkinbutt's Halloween Dream is an arcade game that sees you attempting to beat a series of levels in spooky locales such as castle towers, graveyards and dungeons. Alongside throwing pumpkins at foes you'll have to dodge spikes, skulls, slime and axes.

It's set in the Dragon Force universe and sees a farmer become trapped in this Halloween themed-world after an explosion in his pumpkin patch. Being a prisoner doesn't sound too fun so you'll have to guide the farmer out of it but tackling the game's many levels.

Not played Pumpkinbutt's Halloween Dream yet? You can download it for free fro the App Store and Google Play right now.