MU Archangel: A quick beginner’s guide to core gameplay elements

By , on May 7, 2021
Last modified 3 years, 2 months ago

MU Archangel’s global release is fast approaching - and what better way to prep for Webzen’s mobile spin-off of MU Online than by brushing up on your basic how-tos? Apart from cool new items and equipment nabbed as rewards from exciting in-game events, players can also engage in thrilling Party and Guild systems (plus Boss fights that up the ante) all while enjoying classic MU elements fans of the franchise all know and love.

To make sure you’re at the top of your game by the official launch, here’s a quick, handy-dandy guide to give you a bit of a competitive edge right off the bat.

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How does the guild system work?

Joining a guild is easy-peasy, and offers tons of privileges for all members. You can set your eyes on Archangel Equipment in the Castle Siege, or join forces to fight the Guild BOSS Kundun for huge amounts of EXP and awesome rewards. You can also take a quick break and participate in the Guild Feast at 7:35 PM each day, because no one can resist free barbecue after a hard battle.

There’s also the Guild Auction, where you can bid for rare finds with your guild members. Plus, players can join Guild Feast and take part in the Guild Quiz, or grind for more EXP through Guild Training at 6:30 PM every day.

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What can you expect from dungeon systems?

Veteran players will likely recognize old dungeons faves like Square of Devil and Blood Castle, where you can duke it out and battle hordes of enemies to gain huge amounts of EXP and tons of items.

New content such as Bellator, Icaria, and Land of Demons will switch things up this time around. For instance, Land of Demons is a treasure trove of experience points, with 50% more EXP rewarded during Saturdays. For Icaria, you can only enter the dungeon when equipped with wings. Here, you can score Illusionary Feathers which can be used for upgrades.

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Who’s that big, scary BOSS?

Leveling up your Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, or Elf is no fun without a real challenge - thankfully, the Solo BOSS, World BOSS, Ancient Battlefield, and Guild BOSS won’t disappoint. You can participate in boss raids with guild mates or party mates, or even rock the boat and cause some mayhem by killing the other players around you. After all, every new player whittling down the boss’ HP is a competitor for the prize - and the prize is no joke.

Defeating bosses rewards you with high-level equipment, rare jewels, and highly sought-after crafting materials, so when you’ve got all that on the line, do you choose cooperation or competition?

You can now pre-register in Southeast Asia for MU Archangel to receive exclusive pre-registration rewards like Jewel of Blessing and Jewel of Soul. Check out the official Facebook page for more info!