Infinite Galaxy, the massive free-to-play strategy game from Camel Games, brings top graphics quality and engaging gameplay to sci-fi

By , on May 21, 2021

In Infinite Galaxy, the fate of the Andromeda Galaxy hangs in the balance - do you ignite the fires of war to bring about the Empire’s downfall head-on, or do you set out on an expedition to uncover ancient truths about the Federation in a space exploration like no other?

The sci-fi strategy from Camel Games of War and Order fame lets players build massive spaceports, expand star fleets (with 30 different types of spaceships), and upgrade research facilities to buff up your arsenal against the Empire’s strongholds. You will also have to recruit crewmates with their own quirks and histories, as well as form alliances you can call upon in the heat of battle.

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Of course, restoring peace is never easy, and intense real-time battles come with the territory. Sci-fi fans will find no shortage of action here, as epic wars and boarding battles rage across the galaxy. You will have to deal with space pirates with your tactical prowess too, not to mention manage your resources as the galaxy’s hidden treasures lie in wait for you to discover.

These features barely scratch the surface of Infinite Galaxy’s intricate and immersive gameplay, as you’ll also have to make critical choices that will have lasting consequences on the story. Available for download on iOS and Android, Infinite Galaxy is completely free-to-play and we even have a little incentive if you haven’t tried it yet. Every new player can redeem a gift code that will bag them some amazing game tools. All you have to do is go to Settings > Pack Exchange > enter “appspy”. This gift code is valid for three months and cannot be used with other gift codes. Each player can only redeem the code once.