Piccolo: Othello lets you play Othello on iOS

By , on June 24, 2021

Piccolo: Othello, the charming mobile title from Symbolic Software that’s based on the strategy board game, has officially launched for iOS devices completely free of charge. The game features stunning aesthetics where players can engage in a round or two of Othello whether locally or online with friends.

The rules of the mobile game are essentially the same as the classic strategy board game it’s based on, but with a little extra flourish. There’s a handy undo feature that gives you a free do-over if you ever make the wrong move during a match.

If you’re not in the mood for going up against an actual human being, you can play against the highly intelligent AI to challenge your strategic prowess. Plus, you won’t have to worry about pesky ads ruining your concentration, as Piccolo: Othello has absolutely zero tracking and no ads to disrupt your gameplay.

The game does, however, have in-app purchases for gorgeous themes you can purchase. You can also find exclusive merchandise on sale - official mascot Piccolo-chan will thank you for it!

Piccolo: Othello is available to download on the App Store. You can also send iMessage Stickers to your friends in the latest update.