Ark Legends, the fantasy 3D RPG is now available for pre-registration

By , on December 1, 2021

Melting Games’ exciting new creation, Ark Legends, the visually stunning role-playing game, is now available for pre-registration in the regions of North America, the UK, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil.

Set in a jaw-droppingly beautiful world, Ark Legends sees you step into the shoes of the game’s lead hero and embark on an adventure to seek the lost memories that will bring peace to Ark’s various states, and end the evil organisation that’s orchestrating their downfall. It starts off slowly, but the game will unfold with explosive 5-hero battles carried onto the battlefield, with enough strategy elements and character variety to make each one feel unique.

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Each hero belongs to one of the six factions available in the game, and there will be over 60 heroes to choose from - that’s a lot of potential team combinations lying ahead! The strategic element, however, is choosing the right faction to beat the enemy. Since each individual one can be either at an advantage or a disadvantage, that can have a considerable impact on the tougher fights.

Battles aside, there’s also a beautiful side to the game. With stunning 3D graphics, the game offers an immersive adventure where each player can forge their own path and explore the abundant content while enjoying the beautiful art style.

Ark Legends is now available for pre-registration and based on the number of players who sign up, there will be a number of rewards up for grabs including in-game and real-life goods, such as airpods and Amazon Gift Cards.

The game also launched a Content Creator Program, which allows players to create various content for Ark Legends in return for in-game exclusive rewards! You can find more about this on the Ark Legends Facebook page.

If you’re eager to discover more about the exciting adventure that lies in wait with Ark Legends, be sure to check out more news via the game’s official website where you can pre-register. As of today, Android users will also have the opportunity to join Ark Legends Closed Beta test.