The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War: 5 Middle-earth locations you shouldn’t miss

By , on December 21, 2021

Taking players on a journey through Middle-earth that encompasses all of the scope and splendour of J.R.R Tolkien’s groundbreaking The Lord of the Rings novels has been a decades long pursuit for game developers. Certainly, very few could have imagined it would be possible on Console or PC when Peter Jackson’s movie adaptations hit the big screen in the early 2000’s, let alone on mobile. But now finally, NetEase’s recent release, The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War has achieved the seemingly impossible: allowing players to explore every famous locale that can be found in Tolkien's majestic world.

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In this article, we've included some of the most iconic locations to be found in the game so you can get a clear idea of where you can kickstart your journey and even influence your choice of faction when you start.

#1 - Entmoot

The Ents are one of the oldest races of Middle-earth. These ancient creatures who protected the forests from the Orcs and not only, varied in size, color, and shape. Over time, they started to resemble more and more the trees they were guarding.

In what is known as an Entmoot, a dense clump of ancient trees, the Ents gathered to decide if they would go to war against Saruman or not.

Ring Power: +640/h
Location: Fangorn (1137, 1061)

2# - Mountainous Lair

Mountainous Lair is home to the Fellbeasts. These flying creatures were bred by the Dark Lord Sauron himself and were given to the Ringwraiths, also known as the Nine. Fellbeasts are among the most fearsome creatures in Middle-earth, ridden only by The Nazgûl.

As a player, obtaining Fellbeasts is great since they deal a great amount of Poison damage, and they are flying Tier 4 units, meaning they take less damage from melee attacks, while still being incredibly agile and dangerous.

Ring Power: 640/h
Location: Dagorlad (1402, 1270)

3# - Caves of the Dead

The men of the White Mountains were cursed by Isildur to remain in Middle-earth, after they broke their oath to assist him in battle.

Led by the King of the Dead, the Oathbreakers can be found at the Caves of the Dead. These are some of the best special units in the game, since they are immune to Physical damage. They are, however, vulnerable to damage over time (Bleed, Poison) thus not completely invincible.

Ring Power: 310/h
Location: Paths of the Dead (1190, 928)

4# - The Grey Havens

The Port City of Grey Havens is located in the North-Western coast, and it’s the ideal connecting point to many other key locations in Middle-earth. As many already know, this is the point from which the Hobbits (Bilbo and Frodo Baggins) set out on their adventure.

Ring Power: 1320/h
Location: Harlindon (409, 837)

#5 - Erebor

Erebor, also known as the Lonely Mountain, the source of the River Running, is the place where King Thrain I, led his people and became King under the Mountain. Located near the Grey Mountains, Erebor was the greatest Dwarf city of Middle-earth. That is, until Smaug the Terrible made it its home and looted the kingdom’s treasures.

Ring Power: 1320/h
Location: Dale (1091, 1689)