Everything you need to know about Alchemy Stars’ Sands of Time Event

By , on December 27, 2021
Last modified 2 years, 3 months ago

Alchemy Stars, a brilliant tile-based RPG has just launched its latest event, Sands of Time. In this event, there are a number of exclusive stages that grant players limited rewards, and they require specific strategies in order to be cleared. In today’s guide, we are going to cover all the important aspects of the Sands of Time event, so you can get a clear picture of what you should be doing.

This event consists of two parts, each one having specific stages, and not only. There will also be a bunch of other mini-events, such as log in rewards, Aurorian Trials, a minigame and more.

The Sands of Time Event Introduction

This event will start running from the 23rd of December, and it is divided in two parts. The first one, Northland Journey, is similar to the story stages where players will use Action Points for the event in order to clear. One Action Point will recover every four hours, and the player can store a maximum of 30 Action Points at any given time.

The second part, Trial of the Aurora, will work similarly to Northland Journey, and will be available starting December 28th. Both of these event parts will end on January 10th, at which point the event Action Points will turn into Mistletoe, at a rate of 1 Action Point = 100 Mistletoe.

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Aurorian Trials

Along with the event, players can now discover the story of the Queen of the North, Bethlehem, as well as two other Aurorians, Novio and Lola.

By clearing all the event stages (Northland Journey, Trial of the Aurora, and Aurorian Trials) players will be eligible for the rewards, 2000 Lumamber and 2 Special Star Flares.

Challenge your game knowledge in the exclusive minigame Lake Mirror Codeword

This fun minigame is unlike any other - players can answer the daily Lake Mirror Question in order to claim additional Lumamber! A new question will appear every day, and correctly answering seven questions will grant players 420 Lumamber.

Claim a new Aurorian and a ton of free rewards in the Cedar Market

A brand new Aurorian, Lola, as well as her Solambers will be available to claim via the in-game Cedar Market. That’s not all, though! There are a lot more rewards each player can claim, including Special Star Flares, furniture, breakthrough materials and more. However, Lola and her Solambers will be exclusive to this event.

A new limited time login event

For simply logging in every day during the Sands of Time event, players can claim even more free rewards and another exclusive Aurorian, Robyn. These are the rewards players can claim by logging in each day:

  • Day 1 : Mistletoe ×500, General Jasper II ×5
  • Day 2: Lumamber ×100, Nightium ×5,000
  • Day 3: Mistletoe ×1,000, Recharger Pack ×1
  • Day 4: Lumamber ×200, Anonymous Gift I ×3
  • Day 5: 5-Star Aurorian Robyn, Nightium ×10,000
  • Day 6: Chromera ×5, Recharger Pack ×2
  • Day 7: Mistletoe ×2,000, Anonymous Gift I ×4
  • Day 8: Lumamber ×500, Queen's Astonishment (exclusive event avatar) ×1

From January 6th until January 13th, players who log in and reach 60 Activity Points will also be granted an additional 600 Lumamber and upgrade materials!

Grab brand new looks for your favourite Aurorians

A couple of new free outfits will also be added to the game, The Stoic Coachman Nails and Night to Remeber Areia, as well as brand new purchasable ones, Mirror Mirror Victoria and Naughty or Nice Gronru.

New mechanics

Together with this event, the mechanism for recruiting new Aurorians has been revamped. Now, each time you recruit two 6-star Aurorians that are not featured event Aurorians, the next 6-star Aurorian recruited will give you guaranteed a 6-star event Aurorian.

Special Event Book Phase 4 will finally be available!

Last but not least, the Special Event Book Phase 4 will become available to players who have completed the Main Story stage 1-16. This part of the event will become available starting December 23rd, like the other parts of the winter celebrations, but will be available throughout most of January, ending on January 27th.