Alchemy Stars - Overview of the new Summer's Breeze & The Port of Hope: Tempest in the Harbor event

By , on August 31, 2022

Alchemy Stars is celebrating its Summer's Breeze & The Port of Hope: Tempest in the Harbor event with tons of login bonuses, limited events and new Aurorians for players to collect. Linear stages will be available to challenge in "Doomsday over the Horizon" along with new content in "Enchanted Valet Stand", "Let's Go Swimming!" and "Detailed Investigation III".

Bountiful rewards when clearing stages

In the Main Story stages and Resource stages, players can use Prism to clear stages and receive Morphing Card as a reward. These can then be used to pull from the Enchanted Valet Stand draw event where they can draw up to Lumamber ×1,800, event exclusive Aurorian Rainbow and her Solamber, event furniture Potted Palm Tree, Legendary Aurorian Breakthrough materials, Cloud Gardens Branch currency Petrowood, upgrade resources and more.

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Running until September 19th, the Doomsday over the Horizon Event lets players complete stages with 3-Stars to score up to Lumamber x900. Clearing Stage 8 with 3-Stars rewards Navigators with event furniture: Starfish Sand Sculpture as well. Additionally, they can clear Main Stage 1-16 and Main Stage 3-3 to unlock Cloud Gardens; after which, they need to finish First Encounter quests to access Cloud Gardens events. They can then nab up to Lumamber x600 and more in the Detailed Investigation III Cloud Gardens event.

Special challenge mode and login bonuses

Meanwhile, brave souls can test their strength in the Deadly Omens challenge mode, where Navigators step into a secret realm and try to take down one boss unlocked every day. There will be a total of 5 bosses with different difficulty levels and attributes that players can select. Successful players can nab up to Lumamber ×200 and Jasper after clearing every challenge, and rack up a total of Lumamber ×1,000 from September 8th to September 21st.

Navigators can expect to obtain Lumamber ×200, Anonymous Gift I ×3, Morphing Card ×1,000, Nightium ×10,000, Morphing Card ×2,000, Anonymous Gift I ×4, Lumamber ×500, Optimist Rainbow Avatar and more during the new limited-time login event Habor Sign-In until September 19th.

New Aurorian and store updates

There will also be a Limited-time Recruitment with new Aurorian: Fia when recruiting a 6-Star Aurorian (50% chance), as well as new Aurorian: Jeno during the limited-time Sleight of Hand recruitment event.

6-Star Aurorian Carleen - Sea Breeze and 5-Star Aurorian Vice - Ray of Sunshine have returned to the Store as well for a limited time, which players can obtain in exchange for 1,588 Lumocrystal or at the price tag of $12.99. The Cloud Gardens has been spruced up with the Automatic Aquariumnew fishing gameplay, a new transformation feature for Unique Trees, fresh Diary events, new fishes Blue River Slug (Rare) and Golden River Slug (Super Rare), 3 Wish Coins and more.

On top of the Gift Content: Diluent ×10 and Fortified Pheromone ×10, the Summer's Breeze & The Port of Hope: Tempest in the Harbor event will give away 120 Prism and 2 Carriers every day for 5 days to all Navigators.

If you're keen on joining in on all the festivities, you can download Alchemy Stars on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.