One Punch Man - The Strongest faithfully adapts the hit anime into a mobile RPG

By , on September 22, 2022

Featuring strategic turn-based combat and more than 60 characters to collect from the original show, One Punch Man - The Strongest is out now on iOS and Android for fans and non-fans alike. The RPG boasts various game modes plus tons of new player rewards and in-game goodies during the official launch.

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One Punch Man - The Strongest follows the story of the ordinary guy-turned-hero named Saitama as he struggles with the boredom of being able to defeat foes in a single punch. Apart from Saitama himself, players will encounter fan-fave faces from the original anime series from C-Class to S-Class, as well as popular villains from the show.

There are 6 members in each team, and players can take advantage of their different factions, tiers, abilities and Core Skills during battles. Core Skills, in particular, can be activated upon hitting certain quantity and role type requirements for attribute buffs.

Battles will test players' strategic prowess as they tinker around with different formation buffs on the field. Speed, for instance, will determine which character moves first during combat. With a speed-based strategy, you can use Genos to boost another character’s speed in your party. The game also features Unnatural Disaster, Boss Challenge, Extreme Training, Hero X Villain, and other game modes.

If you're eager to give it a go yourself, you can download One Punch Man - The Strongest on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store today.

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