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Fluid SE Review

Review Radiangames By Alex Beech, 9 years, 3 months ago
Fluid SE Review

Fluid SE has you constantly on the brink of anger. It sets you the simple goal of collecting a handful of glowing orbs from around its stylish dark arenas but adds time pressures to create a tantalising challenge. A responsive virtual stick ensures there are no surprises to Fluid's controls while you guide your creature around the levels. Where the complexity lies, however, is in the exactness of these controls, with the tiniest movement of your finger changing your avatar’s cou…

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CRUSH! Review

Review Radiangames By Dave Flodine, 10 years, 3 months ago
CRUSH! Review

As a species, humans are great at many things. One talent we share is the ability to recognise patterns (sometimes patterns which aren't even there). This is handy, as Crush! is a game based entirely around pattern recogntition. Clumps of coloured blocks make their way towards the base of the screen. It's your job stop this column of cubes reaching the bottom. Tapping a coloured block will cause all blocks of the same colour to vanish, making the stream collapse upwards. However, a ne…

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Inferno+ Review

Review Radiangames By Dave Flodine, 11 years, 3 months ago
Inferno+ Review

Especially in the last five years, the twin-stick shooter genre has taken off. First with the success of Geometry Wars and then by the explosion of the games here on the iPhone. The problem arises in that so many of the games get the basic formula right that it gets hard to stand out from the crowd. There seems to be a check-list in place. Beautiful lighting and particle effects? Check. Great balance of weapons and monsters for high score play? Check. Tight and responsive controls? I'm…

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Ballistic SE Review

Review Radiangames By Andrew Nesvadba, 11 years, 5 months ago
Ballistic SE Review

Radiangames last made an impression on us at AppSpy a little over a month ago with the simple, but thoroughly impressive 'twin stick' title, Fireball Special Edition. Its focus on passive-aggressive play made it a true test of skill as you balanced great rewards with great risk. The developer's latest release, Ballistic Special Edition is far more traditional in its design, sticking to the twin-stick formula, albeit with a few twists. For those familiar with Fireball, the game will be…

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