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Darkside™ Review

Review Clockwork Pixels By Dave Flodine, 11 years, 5 months ago
Darkside™ Review

First and foremost when discussing Darkside by Clockwork Pixels, one has to commend the game for being a free title that's more akin to a demo than an opportunity to nickel and dime its players through in-app purchases. Downloading this twin-stick shooter will give you the arcade mode with limitless play, and for the price of ninety nine cents, you unlock the full game which includes two additional modes, and the use of screen clearing smart bombs. Whether you wish to spend the money o…

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Kitten Sanctuary Review

Review Clockwork Pixels By Dave Flodine, 11 years, 8 months ago
Kitten Sanctuary Review

The match three genre reached critical mass some time ago and now to keep the format relevant we see the basic mechanics mixed with other genres in order to create new and engaging games. While definitely for the younger players, Kitten Sanctuary succeeds at this by combining the swapping of tiles with virtual pets, and a whole host of them to boot. Aliens have come to Earth and they've catnapped a bunch of kittens on this tropical island. Each level consists of clearing a red area on…

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Citadel 1986 Lite

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Citadel 1986

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Puppy Sanctuary Lite

Puppy Sanctuary Lite FREE!

App 1.05.8

Darkside Lite

Darkside Lite FREE!

App 1.10.10

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Vampire Ventures $1.99

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Vampire Ventures Lite

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Mirror Mixup

Mirror Mixup $0.99

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Mirror Mixup Lite

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App 1.18.7


Pyracubes $0.99

App 1.13.7

Puppy Sanctuary

Puppy Sanctuary $1.99

App 1.05.8

Kitten Sanctuary Lite

Kitten Sanctuary Lite FREE!

App 1.08.8