Strategy & Tactics: World War II iPad Review

Strategy & Tactics: World War II iPad Review

Gamers who typically enjoy strategy titles invariably also enjoy the challenge that comes from seeing a mountain-sized burden of knowledge and conquering it to become masters of their virtual domain. Strategy & Tactics: World War II was once tied to the Hearts of Iron franchise - a series some strategy fans should recognize - and while the mobile title reduces the complexity significantly, it's no less opaque in its mechanics. In other words, be prepared to fail, and fail often as…

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Magic Orbz Review

Magic Orbz Review

Let's get this out the way. Magic Orbz is Arkanoid with lush 3D visuals and some very fun power ups. The only thing magic about the orbs in question is the amount of destruction they do, and as usual with this type of game, why they never travel where you want them to. Now don't get the wrong idea right off the bat, this game is not being maligned. We're just explaining the experience in its simplest terms before we explore further... so let's do that now. Now if you're watching our v…

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Boulder Dash®-XL™ Review

Boulder Dash®-XL™ Review

The original Bourder Dash is one of those games that most people who played games in the 80s and early 90s should be very familiar with. Not just that it was ported to every system imaginable, but because there were a million knock-offs as well. In the end, it was the same simple game. Walk around in the dirt, gather gems and avoid getting crushed by the boulders once you moved under them, thus triggering a rockslide. The levels were often part reflex action game, and part puzzle, as y…

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Gibbets 2 Review

Gibbets 2 Review

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether a game is controlling badly because you’ve missed some key bit of information, or because the game itself has poor controls. Gibbets 2 by HeroCraft had me pondering this problem on the second level - which I might point out took quite a few tries before I worked it out - and ultimately it was a little bit of column A and B, but the damage had already been done. Your task, should you take it, is to aim a bow and rescue the people being hu…

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Pirate Ships・Build and Fight

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