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Xenowerk iPad Review

Review Pixelbite By Harry Slater, 7 years, 11 months ago
Xenowerk iPad Review

What happens when freakish alien mutants take over your research base? You shoot the crap out of them, obviously. At least you do in Xenowerk. But is it any fun? Harry from Pocket Gamer thinks it is. And he's pretty smart.…

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Repulze Review

Review Pixelbite By Dave Flodine, 10 years, 4 months ago
Repulze Review

You know, I kind of wish this game was terrible so I could call it, 'Repulze-ive', but as reviewers we never wish for games to be terrible, and this one isn't... so that's good! Repulze is a racer that takes many of its cues from Wipeout. It's got the sleek finned hover cars, it's got the pulsing soundtrack, and it has pretty impressive visuals. It also has a polarity mechanic, but we'll get to that later. Apparently you're a test pilot for these experimental hover cars, at the mercy o…

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Reckless Racing 2 Review

Review Pixelbite By Andrew Nesvadba, 11 years, 4 months ago
Reckless Racing 2 Review

Strangely it doesn’t feel as though much time has passed since Pixelbite first introduced iOS gamers to their Reckless Racing franchise, though this may be in-part thanks to a mid-year release of Reckless Getaway reminding players of what the developer can pull off. Reckless Racing 2 doesn’t disappoint as it blasts on to the App Store, showing just how top-down racing should look, feel and play on hand-held touchscreen devices. From the outset the game feels rough and toug…

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Reckless Getaway Review

Review Pixelbite By Andrew Nesvadba, 11 years, 10 months ago
Reckless Getaway Review

While I can't speak for everyone, there's nothing quite like a great car chase scene in a film. Aside from the child-like glee that comes from watching the action and destruction inherent in these scenes, there's another exciting level of knowing you're watching man and machine working in a perfect ballet for the camera. Reckless Getaway by Polarbit and Pixelbite (the developers behind Reckless Racing) have put aside any sense of reality in an attempt to create a madcap, slapstick poin…

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Reckless Racing Review

Review Pixelbite By Andrew Nesvadba, 12 years, 7 months ago
Reckless Racing Review

The top-down racer has always been a great way to feed your motor lust when you're not quite in the mood for something more serious. Jostling your way up the pack while lazily drifting your way around large winding tracks has a strangely satisfying appeal and Reckless Racing by Electronic Arts does a great job of filling that 'not quite serious' racing category just perfectly. Initially players are given the option of playing around with one of several control setups, either using a c…

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