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Sorcery! 2 Review

Review inkle By James Gilmour, 10 years, 7 months ago
Sorcery! 2 Review

Part two of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series has no time for altruism. If anything, the second chapter of Inkle's interactive repurposing of the '80s gamebook series is openly contemptuous of do-gooders. I'm exploring the cityport of Khare, wandering through its cruel streets trying to reach the North Gate, and continue my quest to retrieve the Crown of Kings. The interface from the first chapter is back, complete with its handsome 3D map, alphabetical spellcasting system, and turn-bas…

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Sorcery! Review

Review inkle By Dave Flodine, 11 years, 1 month ago
Sorcery! Review

Gamebooks have been on the App Store before. We've reviewed Gamebooks here at Appspy before. The problem with them has always had nothing to do with their digital representation (actually, the change to digital has made the experience more pleasant in a lot of ways), but more in that they are more book than game, and the game part is frankly underwhelming, leading to a lot of dead ends, and reliance on luck to get you through the fights. Well with the release of Sorcery!, Steve Jackson…

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