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B.I.T.S Pinball Review

Review Blue Bear Studio By Damian Chiappara, 14 years, 8 months ago
B.I.T.S Pinball Review

B.I.T.S., otherwise known as Balls in the System, is the latest pinball game to make its way to the iPhone. Your goal is the same as other pinball games; to gain as many points as you can using your three balls to collect bonuses and hit different bumpers in the machine. By using the on-screen buttons, players are able to use the two game paddles to hit your ball around. The controls are straight-forward and exactly what you’d expect in a pinball game. There is a small issue wit…

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B.I.T.S Pinball Free

B.I.T.S Pinball Free FREE!

App 1.5

B.I.T.S Pinball Candiballs Free

B.I.T.S Pinball Candiballs Free FREE!

App 1.0

B.I.T.S Pinball Candiballs

B.I.T.S Pinball Candiballs $0.99

App 1.3