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Tiny Dangerous Dungeons iPad Review

Review Jussi Simpanen By Harry Slater, 8 years, 6 months ago
Tiny Dangerous Dungeons iPad Review

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a retro-looking platformer with a mean streak and a serious sense of charm. But is that enough to make you download it. Harry from Pocket Gamer puts on his old-school shoes and slips into the past to find out.…

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Duke Dashington Review

Duke Dashington Review

What do you get when you splice Tomb Raider's spike-infested temples with 8-bit platforming sensibilities, then throw in a protagonist who takes styling tips from Wario? The answer is Duke Dashington, a swipe-based retro platformer which offers healthy doses of challenge in micro portions. As Pocket Gamer's Harry Slater discovered, getting out of a collapsing pyramid in ten seconds flat can be a tricky business.  Thankfully, the struggle is generally a rewarding one. Watch the…

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