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Skyscrapers™ Review

Review Skyworks By Damian Chiappara, 9 years, 10 months ago
Skyscrapers™ Review

Like Building Build, SkyScrapers is the next addition to the reflex based tower creation genre. Players must build a series of sky scrapers in order to fill an empty cityscape by lining up a scrolling level of the building on top of the lower level. As the tower increases in size so does the speed of which the level scrolls, making for some challenging gameplay. Players place the levels once lined up by tapping on the iPhone screen. The levels must be placed within the blueprints of t…

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World Cup Table Tennis™ Review

Review Skyworks By Dave Flodine, 10 years ago
World Cup Table Tennis™ Review

Who doesn't enjoy a rousing game of ping pong? Now thanks to World Cup Ping Pong on the iPhone, you can, wherever you are. The goal is to play the table as you hit the ping pong ball back and forth with your paddle, trying to score eleven points before your opponent does. The paddle is controlled by your finger being placed anywhere on the screen. By dragging it, and flicking, you move the paddle and hit the ball. The paddle moves smoothly and responds well, but it's very easy to miss…

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Arcade Bowling™ Review

Review Skyworks By Myles McKinnon, 10 years ago
Arcade Bowling™ Review

Developer Skyworks has brought the classic arcade game Skeeball to the Iphone and Ipod Touch. Arcade Bowling has a simple goal. You have nine balls to roll up the ramp and into the holes, trying to set the highest score possible. The controls are effective and quite responsive. You simply flick your finger up the ramp to launch the ball, and then tilt the phone to influence the balls direction while it's in the air.  The visuals are reminiscent of the original Skeeball game and…

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