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SBK15 - Official Mobile Game iPad Review

SBK15 - Official Mobile Game iPad Review

Do you like wheelies? Do you like helmets? If you answered yes to either of those then there's a good chance you've been eyeing up SBK15 on the App Store. But is it worth your time? Harry from Pocket Gamer thinks so, and he once fell off a motorbike when it was standing still.…

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Battleloot Adventure Review

Review Digital Tales By Dave Flodine, 8 years, 3 months ago
Battleloot Adventure Review

What makes games like Diablo 2, Borderlands, and even World of Warcraft so addictive? Sure they all have interesting stories with intriguing characters, but really it's the combat and most importantly the loot that keeps people playing long passed when their interest should have waned. Battleloot Adventures understands this, and even by its name you can tell where the primary focus lies. The king of Kameloot, known for his greed creates a tournament where the city that wins it will not…

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Ducati Challenge Review

Ducati Challenge Review

Motorcycle racers have come and gone with varying amounts of success on the App Store, but when most people have constant contact with four-wheeled vehicles it's not easy to convince them that two-wheels can feel just as natural in a virtual environment. Ducati Challenge by Digital Tales strides ahead of those that have come before, packing smooth controls and a realistic feel that players can ease in to as they master earlier stages of the game. Unfortunately there are no alternative…

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SBK Team Manager

SBK Team Manager $1.99

App 2.0

SBK16 - Official Mobile Game

SBK16 - Official Mobile Game FREE!

App 1.2.0

V4 Multimedia Platform

V4 Multimedia Platform FREE!

App 2.1

Bravura - Quest Rush Lite

Bravura - Quest Rush Lite FREE!

App 1.1.0

Bravura - Quest Rush

Bravura - Quest Rush $1.99

App 1.4.0

Battleloot Adventure HD

Battleloot Adventure HD $0.99

App 1.3.0

Ducati Challenge HD Free

Ducati Challenge HD Free FREE!

App 1.14

Ducati Challenge Free

Ducati Challenge Free FREE!

App 1.12

Ducati Challenge HD

Ducati Challenge HD $2.99

App 1.14