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Ion Racer Review

Review MindJolt By Dave Flodine, 11 years, 12 months ago
Ion Racer Review

Perhaps it's an unfair expectation, but upon hearing the title, we expected a sub-atomic racer where electrons and protons sped past each other, the winners gaining atomic and molecular supremacy. What we have is a free to play Wipeout-esque hover racer that plays out like an endless runner on an extended track to nowhere. With some manipulation of time and plenty of upgrades, lets see how this handles as a game. Control is standard iPhone racer fare. Tilting turns you left and right…

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Skies of Glory Review

Review MindJolt By Andrew Nesvadba, 14 years, 3 months ago
Skies of Glory Review

There's a kind of magic that comes from developers that use the free-to-download but pay-to-play model correctly and Skies of Glory by SGN will have you handing out cash almost willingly. As the name implies it's a flight simulator with arcade style dog-fighting. The game's set in World War II and takes players on a world-wide tour as you progress through the missions. Your accelerometer controls the basic tilt and lift of your plane, while touches and drags allow you to manipulate yo…

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