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Monster Wars Review

Review Liv Games By Dave Flodine, 12 years, 2 months ago
Monster Wars Review

Fans of Liv Games' previous head-to-head castle defense amalgamation Legendary Wars, should be happy about the release of Monster Wars. Less a sequel, and more a companion piece, in this title you take control of the monsters that have been slayed en masse in not only games of this genre but pretty much every fantasy game out there. It's time for revenge! While the majority of the gameplay is your standard castle vs castle game, there is more to think about than which low cost monster…

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Legendary Wars Review

Review Liv Games By Andrew Nesvadba, 13 years, 2 months ago
Legendary Wars Review

Do you happen to have a friend that you hold dear that also happens to have an incredibly annoying personal trait? It could be something as simple as the way they laugh or even a bad habit, but regardless of it you still call them a friend. Legendary Wars by Liv Games is the gaming equivalent of that sort of friend; it's surprisingly refreshing and well considered as far as castle defense games go, but it has one heck of an annoying trait that may make it hard to wholly enjoy. Case in…

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