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Saving Yello Review

Review dreamfab By Dave Flodine, 12 years, 7 months ago
Saving Yello Review

It must be hard to think of intriguing scenarios to justify the stretching physics puzzle gameplay that has become so popular in the last year or so. Yello is sitting in his bowl (he's a fish by the way) when a sinister hand removes him from his home. The rest of the the game is returning to your fishbowl via some rather incredible jumps, all the while grabbing points for raining down destruction on all the toys and structures that stand in your way. To make Yello jump, simply pull ba…

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Demolition Dash Free Review

Review dreamfab By Andrew Nesvadba, 13 years ago
Demolition Dash Free Review

Sometimes it's easy to pre-judge and potentially dismiss a game just because it doesn't 'look good', but there's an evil flip-side to this kind of thinking that results in 'style over substance'. Demolition Dash by dreamfab is a visually impressive title that packages the basic gameplay of an endless platformer with visual flair, but it all feels skin deep. Now and then gamers get the opportunity to wreak havoc in a city ala Godzilla, but in Demolition Dash things are scaled back - a…

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