Catch Cows Review

By , on August 28, 2009

Catch Cows
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3 out of 5


  • The gameplay is accessible to any aged player; very child friendly.
  • Leaderboard options are avaliable to accommodate the more competitive players.
  • Increasingly challenging gameplay that will keep you playing.


  • The game’s childish presentation and gameplay might deter some players.
  • There are only two music tracks to choose from, and no iPod access.
  • The gameplay can be a bit too simple for some players.


If you’re a fan of quick reaction games or want something to play with younger members of your family then Catch Cows is the right game.

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Catch Cows is a simple concept reaction game for the iPhone. Players must accurately sort different coloured cows into the appropriately coloured pastures as they run down the farm road. Your goal is to get as many cows into their pastures as possible without making a mistake or missing any cows as they run down.

Players move cows by tapping and dragging them into the pastures. White cows go to the white pasture, black cows got to the black pasture and the chequered cows go into which ever house is indicated by the sign on their back. The signs will start off displaying arrows to help you but will soon ramp up in difficulty mixing arrows with East, West, Left, Right and other direction indicators.

The cartoony visuals look good and the cows are clearly identified making the game very accessible to younger players. Players have the option to change the in-game soundtrack between the two available tracks but iPod integration is not available. The game features one main game mode and gives players the option to submit highscores to the global leaderboard systems.

Catch Cows is a surprisingly challenging reaction game that will keep any aged player entertained. The game is simple to play but once the speed ramps up and more cows come into play, players will have a real challenge on their hands. This is a game well worth a look at if you have younger siblings or children, or just want a casual play that will challenge your quick thinking skills.


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