By , on June 23, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Fun-filled action with great cut-scenes.
  • Endless and boss kill modes.
  • Additional purchasable campaign.


  • Simplified FPS controls feel awkward.
  • No 'tutorial' to ease players in to the campaign.


Just about every action fan will want to grab a copy of Battle Bears -1 for its hilarious style and non-stop rainbow-spewing brutality that could only be improved with a multiplayer mode.

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With a healthy dose of comedy and more than a dash of familiar sci-fi inspiration, Battle Bears -1 (that's a prequel for those keeping track) has jumped from its basic shooter roots and developers SkyVu Pictures have opted to try their hands at a third person shooter.

Each level is broken up in to smaller chambers filled with obstacles (including the occasional turret) for your Battle Bear, Oliver, to overcome. This Smash TV inspired design is punctuated by wave after wave of cute adorable Huggables that are out to kill you in the cutest way possible, so you get to respond in kind with unimaginable violence. The controls are similar to most FPS' on the App Store, however despite two available modes the only way to look around without firing requires you to turn off your weapon. This gets extremely frustrating when attempting to conserve powerful limited-use weapons, however with practice it's possible to quickly switch between 'safety' and 'armed' modes, albeit in a clunky manner.

SkyVu Pictures have filled Battle Bears -1 with a lot of great humorous clips that are a treat to watch when you're not causing 3D stuffed bears to spew rainbow blood from their necks. Survival and Boss Trial modes are available to play when you're not completing the main campaign, however the latter mode does need to be unlocked.

Battle Bears -1 is an excellent continuation of this fun filled series and with more content on the way you'll have plenty to keep you occupied. Definitely recommended for action fans.


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