Dexter the Game Review

By , on September 14, 2009

Dexter the Game
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4 out of 5


  • Great voice acting by some of the original cast members.
  • Terrific looking cut-scenes and visuals.
  • A surprising amount of varied content for an iPhone game.


  • Movement controls are a little finicky at times.
  • The main game mode is a little short and features most, not all, of the stories from season one.
  • Definitely not a game for younger players; contains strong adult content.


The amount of detail and varied gameplay in Dexter the Game is very impressive. And if you are a fan of the show, and can get over the moderate current price, then this is definitely worth a look at.

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Dexter the Game is a spin-off title from the hit Showtime show ‘Dexter’. Players are put in the shoes of everyone’s favourite serial killer as you follow some of the stories and missions from season one. As Dexter, you investigate crime scenes, perform various forensic tests and of course, kill other serial killers all while masking your dark side from those around you. If you’ve seen the show, then you’ll be familiar with what to do.

Player movement and the camera are controlled by two joysticks on the screen. The rest of the controls vary for each action in the game. For example, digging requires you to alternate tapping on the screen, while blood splatter analysis requires you to swipe the screen to identify a matched pattern. While the controls can be a little finicky at times, they are still simple and easy to use.

The visuals are a real treat to look at. The 3D graphics and the fully rendered cut-scenes help immerse the player in the ‘Dexter universe’. The sound is also great, featuring almost all of musical tracks from the show as well as some great voice performances from the original cast. The game features one main single player story mode.

All in all, Dexter the Game seems like it belongs on a console system. The amount of detail, gameplay variety and overall depth seem far too big for the iPhone. However, it’s still a lot of fun and if you are a fan of the show, you’ll have a great time playing through some of your favourite missions and story lines.


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