StickWars Review

By , on July 1, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • A good effort from an indy developer
  • Good control


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Upgrades take too long to acquire


A good first effort from John E. Hartzog. The game doesn't contain much lasting power, but it is well made. We'll be keeping a lookout for his next game.

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It's always good to see independent developers creating games for the iPhone. StickWars is the effort of John E Hartzog and is a tower defense game involving stick figures. You have a wall which you can repair and fortify with more health. Little stick figures with weapons keep sieging this wall, and it's your job to dispose of them.

Control works very well. To remove the stick figures, you simply use your finger to flick them up into the air, allowing gravity to take its course on the way down. Later when you build a prison, you can drag enemies into the prison, and convert them into fighters for your cause. The prison mechanic is interesting but it takes so much playtime to get some of the upgrades (like the archery pit, or bomb factory), that the upgrades don't seem that special.

Can you expect much from stick figures visually? The background and wall is nice, and the characters do move amusingly, but the art is not meant to be spectacular here. Likewise, the music and sound effects while functional don't leave a lasting impression. The main game mode is all there is, but there are online leaderboards and achievements to pad the experience.

Overall, StickWars is fun for a little while, but the enjoyment wears off quickly. If flicking stick figures to their death sounds fun to you, you should give this a go, just be warned that's pretty much all you'll be doing.


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