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By , on February 17, 2011

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3 out of 5


  • Action-arcade physics fun with a Kirby-like power-up twist.
  • Amusing storyline.


  • Controls not always intuitive; gravity and interacting with the environment can lead to odd results.
  • Poor interface design; vague indicators in and out of game.


Sticky is a fun concept that plunges players in to a crazy, non-stop bounce-fest that can change at any moment, but later levels can quickly spin out of control and being told you failed without being told why is simply frustrating, not motivating.

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Take two crazy scientists; add one abandoned lab; a dash of megalomaniacal hubris; and a whole lot of good intentions and you end up with Sticky, an orange blob who's sole existence seems to be in generating the goo he's made of. As results go, it's not exactly the infinite well of energy I'm sure they were after, but when another experiment goes wrong it's up to the blob to keep the messy black-goop under control.

In each level you'll need to guide Sticky around the screen, bouncing and bopping enemies on their 'heads' to dissolve and eliminate them before they can find a pipe and escape in to the world at large. This isn't always easy as you can only 'stick' to surfaces made out of the same goop you're made of and power-ups earned from defeated foes can drastically affect how you maneuver around the screen. Additional complications crop up when you have to deal with other physics based hazards including wind-tunnels and gravity that's hard to predict.

However most of these issues could be tolerated if the simple act of attacking enemies was predictable. Unfortunately, smacking enemies on the head bounces you off like a golf-ball hitting a bowling ball, rendering some power-ups almost useless; in particular, attempting to freeze enemies and tapping to blow them up is frustrating when you're flung to the other side of the map.

There are genuine moments of fun to be had in this physics-platformer by Gamistry Games, but there's an overwhelming sense that the game is unfinished. Each level ends with players being compared to a checklist, though no cut-off values are given for success or failure; no timers indicate how long you have left with a power-up; and no progress bar or any explanation on how to finish levels faster is provided, resulting in levels that feel like they have no end.

Sticky is conceptually a fun title and when the mindless bouncing around goes without a hitch it feels like someone smashed Kirby together with Angry Birds. Sadly these moments are rare, making it a hard game to recommend.


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