Paper Toss: World Tour Review

By , on August 6, 2009

Paper Toss: World Tour
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4 out of 5


  • Impressive backdrops.
  • More levels.


  • Basically the same game you got for free.


Backflip Studios seem to have tried to add more content to Paper Toss to justify charging for it. It is very well done, and at the low price point, most shouldn't have a problem with this.

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Paper Toss has been one of the most popular free games in the app store for a while. Now in Paper Toss: World Tour, Backflip Studios have added more content, as you travel the globe, flicking paper into the wastebasket on an international level.

Control is the same as it's always been. To flick the paper ball into the trash, just move your finger along the screen. After each shot, the wind and direction changes, so you have to adjust your shot trajectory to compensate.

World Tour offers eight locations of varying difficulty. Each country has the trash set up along side scenery befitting the country, as well as unique music, ambient sounds, and outcries when paper is flicked off the screen. There are personal, and online leaderboards to track your progress.

The original Paper Toss was quite addictive, and World Tour is the same. Adding different locations creates some variety, but this is in essence the same game. Fans of Paper Toss and time wasting should check this out.


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