JellyCar 3 Review

By , on February 17, 2011

JellyCar 3
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5 out of 5


  • Physics-based platforming mayhem with an interactive twist.
  • Customizable artwork and audio.
  • Additional 'hidden' exits add great replay value.
  • Downloadable 'ghosts' to compete against.


  • Progression not always intuitive; randomness of events can obscure the 'next step'.
  • Scoreboard registration currently buggy; a fix is already being worked on.


JellyCar 3 is a fun puzzling racer perfect for all ages and gamers thanks to its easy to pick up style, challenging hidden objectives and customizable world; a solid sequel that strikes a balance between its previous titles.

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The JellyCar series has finally spawned a new sequel and unlike 2009's deviation in style, this release by Walaber and Disney has returned to the whacky time-trial racing in the (now) free original title. With little more than your moxxy, a world made out of jellow and a few power-ups, you'll need to take on a variety of levels in an attempt to complete them in the fastest time possible.

Tapping the sides of the screen will accelerate or brake in the direction indicated, while tipping the screen left or right from its horizontal default will cause your imaginary vehicle to flip end over end. You'll need to combine these controls, along with the ability to inflate your vehicle to gigantic sizes in order to overcome the hazards placed in your way. These can range from simple innocuous hazards such as areas that move around, to elaborate machines that require switches and levers to be arranged to open up new paths. Each level also features a hidden 'stop' sign and while they can sometimes be easy to obtain thanks to obvious alternative paths, others will require far more patience and a bit of luck to find without help.

While the doodle theme isn't as clever as it used to be, JellyCar 3's rubbery, imaginary world is perfectly suited to its rough style that's accompanied by vocalized sound effects. Custom level creation isn't available in this release, however players can customize their vehicles or select from a bunch of presets.

It's hard not to compare JellyCar 3 to games like Little Big Planet as each level is a playground built out of inconsistent, interactive materials, making each playthrough slightly unique while still being controllable. Some levels can prove more frustrating than average, though 'ghosts' can be downloaded from the leaderboards if you can sign up to them successfully.

Even if you missed the first couple titles, JellyCar 3 is an easy game to recommend, but if you loved the original there's absolutely no reason to hesitate.


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