Ranch Rush Review

By , on July 15, 2009

Ranch Rush
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3 out of 5


  • A vibrant game with a good reward structure..


  • Nothing really distinguishes it greatly from other time management games..


Ranch Rush is a solid time management game with a nice reward system, but you have played this before.

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Ranch Rush is another time management game hitting the iPhone. You play Sara, who decides to start up a farmer's market to make enough supplemental income for her flower business to ward off land developers. In the eight weeks of gametime, you have to fill orders daily by growing vegetables, tending to animals and doing it all as fast as possible.

Like most games in the genre, everything is done with the press of a finger, and commands can be queued in succession. During each day, you can buy soil, seeds, animals, and tools to plant and maintain crops. Everything can be moved around to your liking for maximum efficiency but the goal is to fill each order before the day ends (more money is given the faster you complete the order). More money allows you to buy more crops to complete orders faster so the reward structure works well.

The visuals are mixed. The cut scenes are really bright, and vibrant, but in game there is less contrast (not enough to affect gameplay however). There is passable voice acting and the music is decent. The game starts with only a casual mode, but a harder difficulty can be unlocked. There are also trophies to collect, which can lead to a greater sense of accomplishment.

Ranch Rush is a decent addition to the genre. It gives you more freedom than other time management games, and fans of the genre should find enough here to warrant a purchase.


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