By , on February 25, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Faithful port from the DS/PSP.
  • Retro visuals and gameplay.


  • It's an early RPG, so the system is pretty standard and unforgiving.
  • Touch controls can take some getting used to.


For fans of Final Fantasy and RPGs, this is a no brainer. A very well made port of one of the defining games of the RPG genre.

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Final Fantasy brings back a lot of memories. Originally released in 1987, it was one of the first console RPGs to gain popularity due to its battle mechanics, giant explorable world and intriguing story. The game was remade in 2004 for the Nintendo DS, ported to the PSP in 2007, and now that same port is on the iphone in 2010. The world has descended into chaos and a prophecy speaks of the warriors of light that will carry the world crystals and restore them to their former glory.

The game uses a virtual d-pad and on screen button to move, run, and talk to people, but almost everything else is touch based, from selecting what to buy, to choosing options during a fight. At the beginning of the game you choose your four warriors from six classes. A balanced team is best, but you can realistically complete the game with any combination.

The game uses the updated sprites made for the DS version. It has a very old school feel to it, but the game does suffer some frame rate loss in towns. The music is great and has many of the classic tracks Final Fantasy is known for. The main game will take you a long time to finish, but since this is a port, the extra dungeons are included as well.

Square Enix have delivered a faithful port of a remake of a beloved classic. Whether you enjoy RPGs, retro gaming, or just an iphone game that you won't finish for a while, Final Fantasy should deliver. The gameplay is a little rough around the edges, but it's still a solid game.


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