Zombies vs. Sheep Review

By , on July 20, 2009

Zombies vs. Sheep
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3 out of 5


  • Changing soundtrack to reinforce drama/mood of gameplay.
  • Frantic and challenging shootouts make for addictive gameplay.


  • The long level structures can be frustrating when you die near the end and must start the level from scratch.
  • The shake to reload feature can be annoying and distracting when swarms of enemies are attacking.


This is a quirky shooter that is well worth the current price. And while it may have some minor issues, the concept and fun gameplay far outweigh them.

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Zombies vs. Sheep is a shooting gallery type game, where the player takes control of a sheep and shoots zombies, bats and other nasties in order to survive. You dodge attacks, shoot enemies, collect coins and upgrade your sheep to take on the ever growing attacks of the undead.

You control your sheep by tilting the iPhone to move, shoot zombies by tapping the screen and shaking the iPhone or tapping a button to reload. The controls are simple to use and makes gameplay challenging when quickly changing direction to dodge attacks. You can upgrade your sheep at anytime, or wait for power-ups, such as the AK-47 to appear to make killing zombies easier.

The game has a western theme, which entitles gamers to moustached ‘bandito’ zombies and desert levels. The visuals themselves are well presented with a fun paper-cut out look. The sound is a mix of western style guitar that changes during boss fights to increase tension. Another feature is the OpenFeint online access, where you can post highscores, track game achievements or message friends or other players.

Zombies Vs Sheep is an addictive little game that builds on the formula of the ‘Space Invaders’ type shooter. The fun concept and simple gameplay makes for a fun experience and a welcomed change of the doom and gloom type zombie games.


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