PGA Golo Golf Dice Review

By , on August 2, 2009

PGA Golo Golf Dice
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4 out of 5


  • Excellent port of a table-top game.
  • Direct online portal.


  • A game of luck and chance without alternative gameplay.


Those that are already making use of's online portal will probably find this iPhone app invaluable, but it's also great for those looking for a fun table-top game that can be played with friends when you're out and about.

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PGA Golo Golf Dice is the iPhone's portal to's online version of the table-top dice game of the same name. For a game that relies on something as simple as rolling dice it's a remarkably complex game of luck and strategy.

There's little to the controls with the dice being shaken each round or rolled out at the touch of a button. The interface serves more as a method of tracking your progress, so there's little room for complexity here.

Despite only being a game played with dice, Pick Up and Play have gone to the effort of including some cheesy and fun animations often tied to the success or failure of your rolls that round. There is a small learning curve in learning the basics, identifying good rolls and bad, but ultimately it's a game of luck.

For a game that's easily played on a table-top or even subscribed to online, there's something fun about using the iPhone instead. You can tie your performance directly to your online account, keeping statistics, but that will serve fans of Golo more than the casual player.


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