Icarus-X Review

By , on April 19, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Fast-paced 3D backgrounds.
  • Challenging bullet patterns.
  • Downloadable 'replays' to learn from.


  • Little visual 'flair'.
  • Low replay incentive.


The gameplay in Icarus-X isn't necessarily packed with features, but it'll quickly help you to step up your game and make you feel like a 'pro' in no time.

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What could be more exhilarating than rocketing along at super-sonic speeds while blasting away enemies? Icarus-X doesn't think much else is needed with its challenging vertical shoot'em-up gameplay that can border on the impossible for some.

Two standard SHMUP control schemes are available for players to use. The default 'Direct' scheme moves your ship to the top of your finger and follows it as you swipe around the screen, while the alternative 'Relative' scheme moves the ship relative to your finger's motion. A dead-zone at the bottom of the screen keeps ensures that you have full range of movement regardless of the option you choose, but 'Relative' mode does provide slightly better fine-movement in the dead-zone of the screen.

Despite the game's fairly high difficulty curve, casual fans aren't neglected thanks to the developers 'The Quadsphere' implementing an innovative 'Replay' system that allows you to download replay videos from pro's who have completed the levels already. Combine this with the ability to practice bosses in a slo-motion mode and you'll soon be mastering most boss fights. The 3D graphics are slick and clean, but the special effects feel spartan without the usual fare of weapon upgrades to liven up the screen.

Sadly it's all too easy to put Icarus-X down once you've mastered a difficulty level, but the higher-than-average challenge means that most gamers will take a while to truly finish the game. A great title for any action fan that's not easily frustrated.


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