Dungeon Scroll Review

By , on August 6, 2009

Dungeon Scroll
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3 out of 5


  • Good sound scape, with option to use iPod during gameplay.
  • Easy to use controls and a very simple game interface.


  • Targeted at younger demographic, gameplay may be a bit too basic for others.
  • Battles against a bobbing image can be lacklustre at time.


This is a great game for school kids or those who enjoy spelling and word based games. If you're not crazy about spelling though, then maybe look somewhere else. The game may be worth its current price if you love to spell.

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Dungeon Scroll is a word based adventure game where players travel through different dungeons spelling words in order to cast spells on enemies. Letter tiles and bonus tiles will refresh after every enemy, and the same words cannot be used twice in a single dungeon.

Players control the spelling of words by tapping the different letters on the screen and then tapping submit to cast the spell. Players can also use double damage letters in the spelling of words for attack bonuses and multipliers.

The visuals look good but are the fights are all against static images of enemies that bob down when attacking. The sound is well done and atmospheric, and players also have the option to use their iPod music instead. This is a single player game, but the option to submit highscores to both a local and global leaderboard is available.

Dungeon scroll is a game great for school kids who want to brush up on their spelling. It helps them to recognise letters and words in an interesting and fun way. Not to say that this game is strictly for kids, but the ‘Kid Mode’ difficulty option and spelling is magical subtext of the game suggests this game is targeted to a younger crowd. However, if you enjoy spelling and word based games, then the harder difficulties will challenge you.


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