By , on February 26, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Excellent port.
  • High quality of visuals, sound, and content.


  • Levelling system seems to be highly luck based.


As with Final Fantasy, this is a great purchase fans of RPGs, and this long running game series.

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Along with Final Fantasy, Square also put up the sequel Final Fantasy II on the appstore. Like the first, this is a port of the Dawn of Souls remake for the GBA and PSP. The original game was released on the Famicom in 1988 and never made its way over to US shores. Instead of picking classes this time around, you play as three war orphans who are almost killed by the forces of the empire of Palamecia.

Control like the first game is mostly touch based, with movement handled by a virtual d-pad. Rather than gaining levels, the game employs a proficiency system where the more you use certain weapons, and magic, or the more you get attacked, the more you level in those areas, allowing the player to tailor their characters to their liking.

The updated sprites look fantastic and the music lends a lot of atmosphere to the title. Final Fantasy II will take you many hours to complete, and the extra dungeons from the Dawn of Souls version are present.

Along with the new levelling system, Square used Final Fantasy II to experiment with dialogue through key words, and tried to tell a more personal story. If anything this is an example of how different mechanically, and yet similar the series is game to game. This is another great RPG for the iphone library.


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