Runway Review

By , on January 15, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Each location is different and varies up the gameplay.
  • Highscores can be posted to Facebook.


  • The slow, formulaic gameplay makes this a somewhat boring play.
  • The game sound is quite annoying.
  • The line drawing control sensitivity is a sluggish.


Runway plays just fine but its main issue comes from the overall slow gameplay. Unless you’re frightened by fast moving objects, this might not be the best air traffic game to invest in

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Runway is another addition to the ever growing traffic management genre, placing players behind the air control tower as they direct incoming airplanes. Players will need to refuel and repair planes, load and unload passengers and keep a steady eye on the runway to avoid collisions.

The game uses some straightforward line-drawing mechanics and easily allows players to see plane paths and work out a plan. Players receive various indications by coloured bars that appear over planes; Red bars mean the planes must be refuelled at the red station etc. Overall the controls work well but can be a bit sluggish at times.

The game’s visuals are very simple and are nothing to boast about. The sound is also simple and while it does give players prompts as to when certain actions are complete, the constant beeps can get quite annoying after a short while. There is only one game mode to play through but there are a number of different levels that vary up the runways and gameplay itself.

Overall, Runway is a moderate play but you might find yourself searching for a fast forward button as the gameplay is quite slow. This may lead to players losing interest and any game that doesn’t grab the player’s attention is sadly doomed to fail. Make no mistake, the core gameplay is solid and can be quite enjoyable but without a fast forward button or an update in game speed, Runway is as exciting as waiting in an airport terminal.


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