Shark's Treasure: Rise of the Octopus Review

By , on August 2, 2009

Shark's Treasure :Rise of the Octopus
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4 out of 5


  • Controls are easy to use and very responsive, allowing for quick escapes and fast direction changes.
  • Gameplay can get very hectic and immersive, which is great!
  • Four difficulties on top on increasingly difficult levels mean you won’t get bored quick.


  • The game’s constant tilting can limit your view of the screen at times.


If you remember shouting in excitement when dodging ghosts in Pac-Man, then you may have the same thrills when playing Shark’s Treasure. This game is worth the current price.

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Shark’s Treasure puts players in control of a small submarine that must avoid sharks and other dangerous obstacles in order to collect the sunken treasure scattered around the stage. As you progress through the levels, the difficulties increase, as does the amount of sharks and treasure you’ll need to collect.

You move the submarine around the level by holding your iPhone flat and then tilting in the direction you wish to move. You can tilt at more of an angle to speed up and escape from an attacking shark or less to slow down and make tight turns or navigate through spiky obstacles. The tilting controls work, but can sometimes hinder your view of the level, meaning you might end up tilting with the iPhone to see where you are going.

The visuals look great; everything is very detailed. The music is all originally recorded and places players into the briny deep, however players also have the option to use their iPod music instead. This is a single player game, but scores can be tallied up across the four difficulties into a total score and then submitted to a global leaderboard.

Shark’s Treasure is a hectic little ‘avoid and collect’ type game, but therein lies the fun. The gameplay is reminiscent of Pac-Man and the varying levels and range of difficulties give players a challenge while your goal remains the same, collect all the goodies in the level as fast as you can. This is a great version of the classic Pac-Man formula put to use and is well worth a look at.


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