Jelly Cannon Reloaded Review

By , on August 29, 2012

Jelly Cannon Reloaded
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3 out of 5


  • Blobby physics fun with lots of interesting gadgets and contraptions.


  • Your cannonballs can thwart the sun jellies coming together.


A very bright and bubbly jelly themed physics puzzler.

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Jelly is one the world's more interesting substances. Not quite a liquid, not quite a solid, definitely not a gas; it wobbles too and fro, and in most of its forms, is pretty darn delicious. One of its many uses is apparently to shoot it out of a cannon, to push remnants of the shattered sunjelly together (which are mostly hanging out around Rube Goldberg-ian physics devices).

If you've played a physics flinger, this game operates on the same principle, it's just that you tap to shoot the cannon instead of dragging with your finger. The further you tap away from the cannon the more powerful the shot will be, and because there are no limits on ammunition, you can experiment with shot strength to your heart's content (also, it's pretty fun just to keep tapping and letting the jelly fly). The goal of each stage is to move the sun jellies so that they all touch and create one amorphous sun blob. Only then will the stage be finished. Early on it can be frustrating because a bad shot from the cannon can interfere, causing a rift between the sun jellies, but as the level can only sustain five cannonballs at a time, a few more taps will clear that problem right up. Most of the sun jellies are separated by odd contraptions that require a little physics finesse to set right and while things are a little bouncy, what else can you expect in a game full of jelly?

The visuals are bright and vibrant, basically what you'd expect from a game about jelly made by Nickelodeon. This would be a great purchase for younger gamers or as an introduction to physics based gameplay. For the rest of us, we've played this type of game all too often, and the fun of jelly and rapid fire cannons while an amusing diversion, will not last for very long.


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