Liberty Boom Review

By , on August 23, 2009

Liberty Boom
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2 out of 5


  • The game has some great musical tracks.
  • The fireworks displays and backgrounds are very visually pleasing.


  • Players cannot view their own highscores locally; they must refer to the online leaderboards.
  • The game’s difficulty ramps up sharply after about 6-7 levels.
  • Gameplay starts to become stale and repetitive after a short time.


Liberty Boom is very similar to fireworks themselves; it’ll keep you busy for a while, but don’t expect a deep and poignant experience. This game may not be worth the current price.

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Liberty Boom is a fast paced game where players must launch a fireworks show and please the crowd while earning the highest score they can. Points are awarded for the higher your fireworks are upon detonation and points are lost if you detonate too early or hit any planes or blimps flying around.

Your fireworks are launched automatically from four different sections and you must press tap the ‘tap zone’ of the correct section to detonate that particular firework. You must be quick to detonate as fireworks launch quicker and the amount of planes and other aircraft increases. There are also flying multipliers that players can hit in order to get a score bonus.

The visuals are good; the fireworks themselves look great. The games sound is a bit of a mixed bag, the sound effects of one guy ‘yahooing’ after almost every explosion can get tiresome, but the game's 6 unique musical tracks are a great addition. Players can use songs from their iPod if they choose to as well. The game is single player only, but highscores can be submitted to the global leaderboards.

Liberty Boom is a game that seems like it could have been better. The gameplay is decent, but soon becomes repetitive and hits a major difficulty ramp after a few levels. While the soundtrack is great, it’s a wonder why the music wasn’t incorporated into the gameplay itself, like Boom Boom Rocket. However, if you enjoy the sight of fireworks and fast paced gameplay, then you may get a few cheap thrills out of Liberty Boom.


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