Lion Pride Review

By , on August 11, 2009

Lion Pride
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4 out of 5


  • Online leaderboard access gives the game a high replay value.
  • Easy to use game controls and line drawing mechanics.
  • Two games modes to choose from, main and survival.


  • The gameplay can get a bit repetitive.
  • The main game mode is quite short, featuring 8 levels.


If line drawing games are something you enjoy or a concept you are unfamiliar with, then Lion Pride offers some decent gameplay and a welcomed change of scenery. This game is worth the current price. 

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Have you ever dreamed of hunting animals in the desert plains of Africa? How about as a lion? Well now you can, thanks to Lion Pride available on the iPhone. Players will take control of a fierce lioness as she hunts down her prey in an attempt to gain the highest score possible for each level.

The game features a line drawing control scheme that utilizes the iPhone touch screen. Players tap on a lion and draw a path for them to take. As you progress through the levels, you’ll need to juggle and use multiple lions in order to take down larger prey or flank smaller, faster animals.

The cartoony visuals are quite crisp and the locked off camera simplifies the gameplay. The sound helps to immerse players into the African landscape but players are free to use their iPod during gameplay instead. The game features two modes, the standard hunting levels and a survival mode, both of which have access to online leaderboards.

Lion Pride is a game that offers some moderate hunting thrills but not as much as you’d like. There isn’t too much game content here but the replay value is high and the game is enjoyable. And with the leaderboard options, players always have room for improvement. This is a solid title that would be a good start for players who are unfamiliar with the line-drawing game genre.


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