Cartoon Wars Review

By , on July 26, 2009

Cartoon Wars
  • Publisher: BLUE
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Released: 25 Jul, 2009
  • Size: 12.6 MB
  • Price: $0.99
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3 out of 5


  • Good looking backgrounds mixed simple stickman units make for a quirky visual style.
  • Fun and addictive gameplay.
  • Good upgrade system available.


  • You crossbow cannot aim properly; it will only fire at three main areas, and nowhere in between.
  • You will hit an impossible difficulty ramp that will ruin gameplay at some point.
  • There are spelling mistakes everywhere.


This is a good tower defence game, but the poor crossbow controls and uneven difficulty ramps can make for some very frustrating gameplay. Despite that, this game is still worth the current price.

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Cartoon Wars is a tower defence game that has players not only defending their own tower, but creating troops in order to destroy the tower opposite you. You constantly upgrade your units and tower in order to survive and defeat the oncoming forces.

You control unit production by tapping the unit boxes at the bottom of the screen. More units will become available to use once you purchase them from the upgrades menu. You also control a crossbow at the top of your tower, which is aimed and fired by dragging a small button in the bottom right corner back and forth. While the crossbow seems like a good idea, it’s more of a hassle and most often than not, you’ll end up forgetting about it and focusing on unit production.

The visuals are interesting; the high quality backgrounds and enemy units juxtaposed by your low quality stick figure units. The sound is good but at times just drops out randomly. Players can use their iPod during gameplay but have to turn the game sound off, or the games music will play over top of your music. The game is single player only, but has the options to submit player highscores to the leaderboard.

Cartoon Wars is a tower defence game with plenty of ideas on offer, some of which work and while others just don’t. There are definitely a few frustrating moments during the game, but they can, and hopefully, will be fixed with an update in the future. Otherwise the game is great fun, and the addictive gameplay will have you coming back for more.


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