Fly Kiwi, Fly! Review

By , on February 24, 2010

Fly Kiwi, Fly!
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3 out of 5


  • Good control.
  • Plenty of upgrades.
  • Clever use of achievements.


  • The fun may wear off sooner than later.


Depending on how much you enjoy simple gameplay and rewards, your milage may vary on this round the world trek.

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Don't you feel sorry for flightless birds? It's like nature played a cruel trick on them. Well one Kiwi is not going to take this laying down! In Fly Kiwi Fly, you play a Kiwi, who is inspired by a space shuttle launch to fly around the world. Using aids like kites, tramplines, and hang gliders, help your Kiwi make his dreams of flight come true.

When your Kiwi reaches the end of the cliff, tap the button to leap off. Once in the air, tap to engage your flight device. After that it's a simple affair of tilting to fly, and perform tricks. Based on how well your flight went, you gain cash that can be used to purchase upgrades to improve your aerial escapades. One clever feature is that after so much distance travelled, you land in different countries, and these countries open up new achievements. What's clever is that the achivements once accomplished can be traded in for cash to help upgrade your bird.

The kiwi is cute, but that's about it as far as visuals go. Everything is fairly rudimentary but it's never hard to recognize anything. Likewise, the sound is nothing special and does the job, but sadly you can not use your ipod during gameplay.

Fly Kiwi Fly is a simple game that offers some immediate fun with some upgrades for longevity. The acheivement system is unique and you'll want to keep upgrading to see what's next. A fun little time waster.


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