Geared Review

By , on August 10, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • The control scheme is simple to use.
  • Gameplay can become very addictive.
  • Levels can get very difficult, but certainly do-able.


  • Only the main game mode is currently available.
  • Have to turn game sound effects off to listen to iPod during gameplay.
  • If players make a mistake placing gears, they must remove the current gear before removing gears placed earlier, which can get annoying.


Geared is a solid puzzle title, with lots of room to improve in the future. This game is worth the current price.

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Geared is a puzzle game where players must place different sized gears in order to reach and turn each level's blue gear. The difficulty gets harder and player must deal with no drop zones, obstacles and multiple blue gears to turn at once.

Players choose the different gears by tapping on the gear buttons at the bottom of the screen with their finger and dragging the gear to where they want to place it. If gears are placed correctly, they will begin to turn as they should, if there are misplaced they will need to be picked up and adjusted. The click and drag controls are simple and allow for easy and effective gear placement.

The visuals are basic and drawn on graph paper, but the levels and your objectives are clearly shown. Their sound consists of only gears clicking when placed correctly. However, if players turn the game sound effects off in the menu, they can use their iPod while playing. This is a single player only game with a statistics menu only, no leaderboard or highscore options are currently available.

Geared is a simple, yet addictive game and the ever increasing level difficulties, option to replay levels and easy to use controls make it a real treat to play. And while the main gameplay mode is currently the only mode available, hopefully more game options will be available with a future update. Either way, if you enjoy challenging puzzle games with lots of replay value, then you’ll definitely want to give Geared a look at.


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