Ladybug Dreams Review

By , on December 22, 2009

Ladybug Dreams
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4 out of 5


  • OpenFeint supported.
  • Amazing visual and aural special effects.


  • No alternate control schemes.


Watching gameplay videos can be decieving as you watch Chu fly around the screen at top speed. Getting to that stage may take more time than people can stand, but even before mastering the controls Ladybug Dreams is still an amazing game to enjoy.

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Some of the best games in the 90s on consoles were generally fairly simple arcade-style games, opting to challenge players to learn a game on their terms and mastering it (at least until you put down the controller in frustration). Ladybug Dreams by Killer Robots brings back the style of design that forces you to wrangle with the game before it gets fun.

Your ladybug (named Chu) is placed in a Pac-man-esque set of mazes and is forced to collect all the aphids lying around. Controlling Chu is a hassle and mastering the gameplay will have to take a back seat until you learn how to fluidly change direction using sweeps on the screen and holding down to continue moving. This is easier said than done as you attempt to navigate mazes for the first time or have enemies bearing down on you at speed while you wrangle with rotating doors.

The visuals are what stands out for Ladybug Dreams and are a treat to watch. The world is rendered in 3D, but hours could be spent in the water level enjoying the smooth watery graphics. The sound is also amazingly high quality and headphones are definitely recommended while playing.

It's a challenging arcade game and a fun one to master, but until you master the controls it'll be hard to even get to the other levels or master collecting bonuses while avoiding high speed death. Definitely a game for those after a harder arcade style of play.


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